A light surprise…

Thought I’d try something a bit new: using the sun as a back light & my SB900 as the main subject light.

Obviously it’s a well known, tried & trusted technique but I’ve not really had much opportunity to do much with it. So when we decided to meet earlier (6:30am instead of 7:30am) for our regular(ish) walk, I thought “Hmm; might be an opportunity”.

To be honest, given that my SB900 should have done all the hard work via the Nikon CLS, it wasn’t the unqualified success that I was expecting. However, what I did get was a couple of surprises and I learnt something.

Firstly the two images here surprised me. The first one is a silhouette of Kev. It was supposed to be a portrait of him illuminated by the SB900 and backlit by the sun. The second image of Mark & Kev is closer to what I was after.

Backlit image of Kev

Image of Kev and Mark

What I learnt was not so much how about exposure and flash compensation, Nikon iTTL and whether to put the diffuser on or not etc, but that even what I consider to be a failure still may still have something.

Sometimes I like surprises…


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