A Few Changes…

Firstly, if you’re reading this then you’ll have noticed the change of host & URL.

If you got here because you read the last article on my old blog (https://d700diaries.wordpress.com) then you know what’s going on. If you’re a newcomer, then welcome; glad you could drop by and I really hope you’ll be a regular visitor.

Secondly, my workflow has really changed over the last few weeks, which is why I haven’t taken many new photos. Basically I’ve gone from a PC to a Mac and have had to adjust to a new way of working; somethings are the same and somethings aren’t etc.

Anyway I’ve certainly no regrets. Here’s an image processed through the new workflow; now if I can just find the “Photographic Talent Booster Application”….

A robin in the garden

Published by pgtim

A UK amateur photographer.

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