Two Degrees of Separation

Ok, I know, it’s supposed to be six degrees of separation; but I needed some words to put against this particular image.

Now I could have wrote about the technicalities of the shot for the photographically savvy but that would have been missing the point so; there’s me thinking that this photo, of which I’m quite pleased, wasn’t going to be seeing the light of day etc.

I’m driving home thinking “What can I write about this? Just need a clever pun or soupcon of witty repartee etc”. By the time I get home I still haven’t thought of anything but I am thinking “hmm, hungry; gonna have be a bacon & mushroom sarnie with plenty of brown sauce”. And then I’ve got it! A simple link between a photo taken on an early morning walk and my breakfast: fungi!

Now before we go any further let’s be quite clear that wild growing fungi, toadstools & mushrooms etc should NOT be eaten. They’re highly poisonous and likely to be fatal in some cases so I say again DON”T EAT THEM!!! Yes, some people can identify the edible ones etc but I’d much prefer we all played it safe and got our mushrooms from the grocer or supermarket etc.

Fungi on tree
Wild Fungi (Poisonous!!!)
Bacon & Mushroom Sandwich
Mushrooms on Bacon Sarnie (edible – not overly healthy though!)

They won’t kill you; not even after I’ve cooked them… well not exactly….might make you a bit ill…. only a bit…

Published by pgtim

A UK amateur photographer.

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