What Academics Do With Their Dead Wood…

Mention “getting rid of the dead wood” to most people in the context of an organisation or company, it is normally taken to mean job losses & cut backs etc (rather topical at the moment here in the UK!).

Now we all know that Oxford University is a centre of excellence in the world of higher education and as such we expect it’s many academics to think a little bit differently to the rest of us so when it came to dead wood, well; they did.

Did they get rid of it? No, they put it on display for people like me to take photographs of… genius!

Tree Roots at Oxford University Natural History DepartmentTree Roots

And my contribution to the cerebral activities of such illustrious institution? – a photo of a giant tree root that might, just might, look like a dragons head.

Tree Root that looks like the head of a dragon
Is it a tree root or the fossilised head of a dragon?

No doubt the psychology faculty would be able to make something of that…

Published by pgtim

A UK amateur photographer.

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