If Man Was Meant to Fly.

“If man was meant to fly, the Lord would have given him wings”; or so the saying goes.

Well man didn’t get wings, by either divine or evolutionary means, but what he did get was engineering. One of the many results of which is aviation and some fine examples of it can be seen at the RAF museum at Cosford.

It’s well worth a visit whether you’re interested in the military aspect, the aviation aspect or the history etc; in fact it doesn’t matter as the exhibits are impressive and there’s a fair few of them, and if you’re a photographer then it’s just great. The lighting is a little awkward as there’s a mixture of sources but I just fired away with my trusty SB900 flash with a diffuser on and the Nikon CLS system just took care of it. I took around 80 shots in just over two hours and I certainly could have taken more! What’s even more impressive, to me at any rate, is the fact that over 50 % were worth keeping.

Here’s my favourite shot; the Vulcan bomber. Even though you can get a sense of scale from the people in the shot, it’s nowhere near as impressive as seeing it first hand (along with all the other aircraft and exhibits).

Vulcan Bomber at RAF Cosford Air Museum
A Vulcan (and we're not talking 'bout Mr Spock here...)

I’ve put a few of the shots on the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tim-Wilcox-Photography/110993382262368) but it’s not as good as a visit to the museum itself.

Oh, and the other good thing; it’s free admission! You do have to pay to park (£3.00) but that’s hardly anything to complain about… so go… enjoy!

Published by pgtim

A UK amateur photographer.

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