Well it’s been a while, the middle of Winter in fact, since my last blog post so it seemed quite fitting to make a return in the middle of Spring; or there about at any rate.

The absence wasn’t exactly planned, I just didn’t have any material. I suppose it was a photographers equivalent of “writers block”. I don’t know how those guys get over it but for me a return to basics seemed to do the trick and of course making the effort to go out & take some pictures.

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I’m always unhappy with my images when I’ve processed them for publication on the web. So the first return to square one was in my post production processing. Quite simply, I do a lot less of it! A lot of photographers, both amateur & professional, talk about getting it right in camera; which seems fairly logical as after all you can’t rescue everything with software etc. It makes a lot of sense and I have always tried to do it to some degree but never concentrated on it, as I’ve always thought that if the raw image from the camera looks ok then I can make it better with post processing afterwards.

By re-evaluating my approach and putting more effort into capturing the image I’ve suddenly discovered that I do less processing and I’m happier with the end result. And not only that, but there’s a whole load more techniques to employ in getting the shot in the first place as opposed to being proficient with a bit of software.

Anyway, a couple of shots with minimal processing but more effort made in capturing them etc. And having said that all I used was my D700 with a 50mm 1.4D prime and a reflector. The (minimal) post process was done in Capture NX2 and then converted in Photoshop.

Taken in direct sunlight.


Light bounced with a gold reflector

Published by pgtim

A UK amateur photographer.

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