Set in Stone…

Some rules are rules right? So absolute that they’re said to be “set in stone”. Well, not always and I’m not exactly too sure that there’s one that says you can’t use flash outside, especially in the sunshine. In fact, it’s probably the best time to use flash as it gives great contrast & detail, and I like the look of it. Furthermore, you always see the profesionals using tons of lighting gear outside when you’d think that there’s plenty of available light to get decent shots. Clearly they know better (that’s why they’re the professionals).

So armed with my trusty Nikon SB900 I decided to give it a go. I’ve tried it before but, to be honest I wasn’t that well informed of the little tricks you need to know to get it to work effectively. Now I am; so all I needed was a subject.

Most of the photos that are made this way have people as subjects and the big problem with that is that they get bored just standing around while the photographer experiments etc. So I needed a subject, or subjects, that could stand around all day and have an infinite boredom threshold!

As luck would have it, the location provided the ideal subject: the stones on the Clent Hills. Four subjects quite happy to stand around all day looking good and not get bored.

As usual I took loads of shots but only a few made it through to the final rounds. They can be seen in the album “Set in Stone” on my Facebook fan page:

Hers’s my favourite from the day & an impromptu behind the scenes shot.

Standing stone on Clent Hills, lit with speedlight.
Favourite shot of the day.
Speedlight on stand with standing stones
Got this quite by accident but it makes for a good behind the scenes shot.

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