A New Chapter…

Image of Nikon D800Well it was going to happen sooner or later! Now don’t worry, this will always be the D700 Diaries regardless of whatever camera I decide to use; but since my old Fuji S2 Pro “gave up the ghost” a little while ago I’d been trying to decide what to get as a replacement second body.

After doing a lot of thinking I decided on the D800; a sort of upgrade to my D700 rather than a second body (if I’d gone down that route then I probably would have got the D600 or even a used D700 etc). It has to be said though that the D800 is not really an upgrade, certainly not in my opinion, it’s quite a different beast in some ways and the D700 didn’t suddenly stop being a great camera when the D800 was released. I certainly intend to keep using mine along side the D800 for a long time to come yet.


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