Focus on Imaging.

Well, the one post a week didn’t last long!

Anyway, not to worry. I’ve been up to a few photographic things lately which may very well be the subject of a future couple of blog posts.

Back to today though. As most people involved with photography know, there is an annual show at the NEC in Birmingham called “Focus on Imaging”. It’s not the biggest or most prestigious show in the world, but it’s one of those “must go to” things; well I always think like that… until I get there!

Every year, it’s packed, and I hate crowds. There’s always someone trying to sell me something that I don’t want; things I want to see but can’t because I can’t get near them and, oh did I mention… it’s packed.

And I go because…. I like it. I enjoy it. Every year I see something that gives me an idea, or I  see a demonstration where I learn something new or inspires me.

Every year, like loads of other photographers, I take a camera along; just to record the day etc. Rather than take my usual set up in my back pack, this year i just took my D700 and 50mm 1.4D lens in a small shoulder bag. I also went today, Monday, as opposed to the opening day yesterday, Sunday, on the basis that it might not be so packed… well, it was. I can only imagine what it must of been like yesterday – hell!

Anyway, here’s a few images from the show (as always, click on the image to view full size etc):


Scene from Focus on Imaging 2013
3 Legged Thing – gotta love their marketing!


Scene from Focus on Imaging 2013
Canon’s stand was … well, big!
Scene from Focus on Imaging 2013
I thought this was a nice touch: all of the demonstrations on the “Photo Training 4U” stand had a sign language interpreter. I’m not sure what she was signing when I took the shot though!!!
Scene from Focus on Imaging 2013
One of the highlights of my day. The incredibly funny, inspirational and extremely talented Frank Doorhof.


Scene from Focus on Imaging 2013
Frank… in action.
His demo was really what it is all about… fun. The audience was massive and anyone who wasn’t in stitches laughing – wasn’t there.

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