New Year… New Website!

Happy New Year folks; let’s hope 2014 is a good one!

This time last year I promised myself that I’d try and take my photography to “the next level” – a terrible cliche, but possibly not far off the truth. Whilst I’m a long way from “living the dream” (should have tiled this post: “How many bad cliche’s can you cram into a paragraph…”), the start of a new year sees me taking a step in, hopefully, the right direction with a new website: (click to open in a new window).

The old URL: no longer works, so please update any bookmarks/favourites etc.

So you may be wondering why the change? Well, quite simply I needed to upgrade to a hosting service that offered more features to move things forward; not least of which being the ability to sell work through the site. There’s nothing available yet but it will slowly come online as I get to grips with the technicalities etc. Having said that, I’ve got most of the detail in place behind the scenes so it really is a case of putting the finishing touches to it – Watch this space as the saying goes!

One of the other features that is already active is the Guestbook. So if you’d be so kind as to leave an entry when you visit I’d appreciate it.




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