A Moment of Clarity…

Over time, I’ve gradually become a member of the “get it right in camera” school of thought as opposed to the “I can fix it in post later” approach. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t do any post production on my images – far from it in fact! It’s just that I find that I simply don’t have the patience to sit at the computer for long periods of time pushing and pulling sliders; creating layer upon layer of adjustments and brushing in and out various effects etc.

These days I keep it pretty simple: basic adjustments in Lightroom (mainly contrast, noise reduction & a little pre-sharpening) and then into Photoshop for re-sizing and sharpening for output. I may remove the odd distracting element, but that’s about it.

One adjustment control in Lightroom I’ve always kept away from, although others love it, is the Clarity slider. Whenever I tried increasing the clarity, it simply degraded the colour (at least to my eyes anyway). I only ever found it useful in either softening faces in portraits or adding local contrast in black & white images, and even then I only used it occasionally. That was until now…

On it’s own, I’m still not a fan, but when combined with vibrance and saturation adjustments (something I hardly ever touched before), I now get a “look” that I like. I know it’s not going to work every time, but I’ll certainly be trying it out more.

The following couple of images show what I mean:

Girl Rock Climbing
The basic edit: tones, contrast and sharpened to suit size etc.
Girl Rock Climbing
Basic edits as before but with some clarity, vibrance and saturation adjustments…

As always: click on the image to view full size.


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