Behind the Scenes – V.A.L

So what’s a V.A.L? Well, it stands for Voice Activated Light-stand.

The particular one I used on a recent impromptu shoot was a STUBBS Mk1. It’s quite old, bit tatty around the edges and a bit limited as you can’t update the firmware. The user interface can be unreliable as you sometimes have to issue the commands more than once, and then it can still be unpredictable. But, it’s cheap and it’s the only one I had available.

You can just make it out with my SB900 speed-light and LumiQuest Softbox III on the edge of this behind the scenes shot (Click on the image for a larger version).

Subject being illuminated by off camera flash held by assistant, aka Voice Activated Lightstand.Oh, for those of you who haven’t worked it out yet… the V.A.L is actually just a person to hold your light 🙂

The images from the shoot can be seen on my website by clicking on the links below:

‘Till next time…

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