A couple of close shaves in the Burbage Valley…

Burbage North early on a Winter Sunday Morning – ideal for a decent walk followed by breakfast down in Hathersage. What could possibly go wrong?

Well nothing actually went wrong as such, although one of the “close shaves” this morning could have done. I managed to trip up and my camera hit the ground before I did. Luckily I follow the sound advice of always using a lens hood. That took most of the impact and was just a little scuffed. The camera and lens (D800 & 24-70 F2-8) appeared undamaged and seem to focus ok etc.

The other “close shave” is that of Toby’s new hair cut…

Here’s a few pics for you to enjoy. Click on an image to open a larger version in a new window etc:

Looking North. Taken just after I tripped with the camera etc.

” Yes, I know… I’ve had a hair cut!!!”
“Breakfast you say! Hell yeah!”
“I’ll just sit under the table. I’m bound to get fed…” – Never seen a dog manage a conspiratorial wink before.
A couple of sausages later.

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