The Kelpies…(A slight return)

Actually, there’s nothing slight about it. I found myself going back in Falkirk on business, so I took my camera with me again. This time around I wanted to photograph the Kelpies at sunrise. And as luck would have it, on the morning I had planned to go over to The Helix – the skies were clear and the sun rose… eventually. But not before I’d half froze to death waiting for it! Talk about suffering for one’s art…

So, some 100 shots later, a 300 mile drive home and a week or so sorting out the “keepers”, processing, reviewing and re-processing etc. Here are the final images on my website (click the link below):

Basically I’ve added 18 new images to the original gallery so you can see last year’s shots of The Kelpies too.

And don’t stop there. Have a look at the other images while your there; particularly if you haven’t visited before.


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