Dream the crow black dream…

The title of this blog is a line from Burn by The Cure, that features on the sound track for The Crow. Which incidentally, is what sprang to mind for one image from this shoot.

Another image made “Rosegarden Funeral of Sores” pop into my head and that too could of easily been the title. Obviously I was thinking of the Bauhaus version and not the original John Cale one – the model Iona is a goth after all!

But I went with “dream the crow black dream, also because I’ve been listening to it over and over…

With a bit of “photoshopery” I managed to make the two images in question fit the title. And this came as a bit of a surprise to me as my photoshop skills are pretty non-existent, at least when compared to some of the amazing retouchers and digital image manipulators out there.

Goth model wearing top hat surrounded by bats.
Dream The Crow Black Dream…
Goth model in rose garden
Rose Garden Funeral of Sores

With a great model in a top hat, bat shaped sunglasses and a flourishing a skull topped cane, I couldn’t really fail to get some cool shots!

Here’s some more favourites, which you will have seen if you’ve got to the blog via my website (If not here’s a link to the full shoot on there: https://www.timwilcoxphotography.co.uk/f1049617796)

Until next time…

Published by pgtim

A UK amateur photographer.

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