Warm Light, Cold Water.

Once again Winter has established itself in the UK. Whilst everyone complains about the snow & ice etc, I wonder how many people actually appreciate the fact that the conditions can contribute in an aesthetic kind of way. Now most people will probably say “yes, it’s very picturesque” but how many will appreciate the combinationContinue reading “Warm Light, Cold Water.”


Does anyone actually know what pumpkin tastes like?

It may be just me, but here in the UK the only time we see anything to do with pumpkins is around Halloween; and even then it’s not really to do with food. It’s not even as though there’s a traditional dish that’s eaten on 31st October (or at least I’m not aware of one).Continue reading “Does anyone actually know what pumpkin tastes like?”

What Academics Do With Their Dead Wood…

Mention “getting rid of the dead wood” to most people in the context of an organisation or company, it is normally taken to mean job losses & cut backs etc (rather topical at the moment here in the UK!). Now we all know that Oxford University is a centre of excellence in the world ofContinue reading “What Academics Do With Their Dead Wood…”

To Pose or Not To Pose? … that is the question being posed!

 So should your subject pose or not? Does catching someone unaware make for a more natural, less contrived image? I’m guessing that the jury is still out, and will be for a long time, on that one. To be honest I don’t really know myself. I certainly don’t like anything that looks too staged butContinue reading “To Pose or Not To Pose? … that is the question being posed!”