By way of an explanation…

 So I’ve finally got around to it; a blog!

Along with my own photo website, which is currently undergoing a bit of a makeover so there’s not much on there yet, I’ve decided that I might just have gotten my photography to a level where I can show the world some examples of my work.

Like most photographers I take loads of images and then decide that most just aren’t good enough; whether it’s for technical reasons, bad composition etc there are lots that just don’t make it. But occasionally, just occasionally, there’s one that makes you think and it’s a real joy when you look at it and go “yeah, that’s good enough to show off”. And this is where this blog comes in. Besides being a vehicle for my ramblings about this wonderful hobby (some might even call it an obsession) the odd image will get posted on here and if there’s a story behind it then so much the better…

Which very neatly brings me on to why “The D700 Diaries”. Well the “D700” bit is fairly obvious; it’s my camera of choice. I must point out at this juncture that I’m in no way affiliated/employed/sponsored by Nikon etc. I just like their gear and have invested quite heavily in it to boot!

And the “Diaries” bit? Well, I’ve taken that from the title of Joe McNally’s book “The Hot Shoe Diaries”; a book which did more for my photography than anything else and as I’m now a big fan of Joe McNally and his work I thought it would serve as an acknowledgement of my admiration… I hope he sees it that way!


Published by pgtim

A UK amateur photographer.

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